So like everything theres gotta be some boring adult bits that have to be sorted before the fluffy fun can begin. when booking us please make sure that the following has been checked, if we turn up to a venue and are not able to spin due to issues that weren't checked prior to the event by yourselves sadly the booking will have to be cancelled and no refund will be given. (and no one wants that!) 


Firstly, we need electricity, we cant magic up fluff from thin air, well, we kinda can, but we need a lil power! so please make sure we have a suitable power source that we are able to connect to. please let us know what kind of power source will be supplied when booking. 


Doors and stairs, it may seem obvious but please make sure we can actually get into where you would like us to be set up at your venue. Let us know if you need the cart dimensions so this can be checked prior to us arriving. Please also make sure we are not placed directly under smoke detectors, we do not give off any smoke but some times they can get a bit sensitive to  tiny sugar particles in the air. and no one wants the smoke detectors ruining your knees up! 


Sadly like myself fluff isnt a big fan of wet and windy weather. So if your planning to have us outdoors at your event please make sure you have a back up plan in place for us to be indoors/undercover if our wonderful British weather does what its best at. 

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